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Tips for Musky Lure Gift Giving

Tips for Musky Lure Gift Giving

Giving a musky lure as a gift? Here are a few recipient-tailored hints to help you avoid some potential snags...especially when the gift you're giving includes sharp hooks.

YOUR BOSS: DO wrap the musky lure in bubblewrap or similar packaging with adequate cushion/protection. Include a “sharp hooks” warning on the outside of the package in case it’s opened when you’re not around. If you are there for the big reveal, be prepared to listen to lots of fish stories, from anyone and everyone standing nearby. Make the best use of story time and holiday spirit by suggesting a team building event with a local fishing guide. Many guides can rent a pontoon or sub-contract other guides to accommodate larger groups of people. Ice fishing would be another possibility for a larger group. Think you can out-fish your Administrative Assistant? How about Sue from Accounting? Fishing competitions among co-workers can be a blast.
DON’T wrap the musky lure in one layer of bargain bin wrapping paper and leave it on his/her desk. Boss’s Christmas present + hand injury ≠ raise.

SIGNIFICANT OTHERDO see wrapping instructions above. Consider attaching travel brochures from new and exciting musky fishing destinations. This article from In-Fisherman offers some great possibilities. Musky fishing plus romantic getaway? Win-win!
DON’T give a musky lure hoping your SO won’t want it and you’ll get it by default. Sharp hooks and plastic can only scream “I love you,” to the right person.

FISHING BUDDYDO temporarily transfer all hopes and dreams for The Big One to your buddy. Maybe they’ll even catch their personal best. You are such a great friend.
DON’T expect credit in the photo of the new State Record fish your buddy might catch using the lure you gave him/her. If the very thought of that makes your eye twitch, just save yourself the torture and buy a second lure for you to keep. You’re still a great friend.

KIDS: (Seriously? No, we are not promoting this idea. But we acknowledge desperate times, desperate measures, and all that...) DO: Remove all hooks and provide constant adult supervision. Many lures contain lead, and you don’t want any part of a fishing lure, lead-laden or not, to ever go into a child’s mouth. That being said, on the days you can’t get out on the water next summer, kick back and enjoy hearing your child tell their own fish stories while splashing with their new hookless lures in a wheelbarrow or pool full of water. It may pique their interest in one day joining you in the boat.
DON’T admit you forgot to go to Target and had to go shopping in your tacklebox. Stick to the story. Hey, you had this planned all along.

YOURSELFDO take a few moments to envision the surface boil, thick back, tea saucer-sized eyes, monumental fight and photo enlargement you’ll frame and hang on your living room wall. Maybe you’ll even spring for a replica mount. All thanks to this new lure. Awesome.
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