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Back by popular demand!

Back by popular demand! 0

Sometimes a 4" or 6" Blue Ribbon sticker just won't do. That's when you bump it up to 8". Extreme? Maybe. The biggest we've seen? Nope! Sort of a happy medium, and we love you for it!
  • Josh Stevenson
"Plein Air" Sales Floor

"Plein Air" Sales Floor 0

We've got plenty of great deals waiting for you! Those bargain tables are fairly deep, and they've got a nice variety of tackle, including musky baits.
  • Josh Stevenson
Refill your coffee in STYLE!

Refill your coffee in STYLE! 0

  • Josh Stevenson
New look, same great service!

New look, same great service! 0

We're excited for you to see the changes we've made to the shop!

THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to turn a winter-season vision into an early-summer reality.

  • Josh Stevenson

ONLINE Discount on SUICKS 0

We've got a surplus of Suicks! Thrillers, Hi-Impact Thrillers, weighted or not, 9" or 10", standard colors and customs, and a few Frankensuicks too.
  • Josh Stevenson
Memorial Week Sale

Memorial Week Sale 0

We started the online sale early! Because....why not?
  • Josh Stevenson