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Baby Beaver

Baby Beaver Musky Lure: Hard to Categorize, Hard to Resist

A lure that both defies categorization and triggers giant musky strikes has a tendency to get people talking. Such is the case with the Baby Beaver lure from Beaver’s Baits. We’ve never seen anything l … fish for more...

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Welcome to Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle

2014 Wisconsin Musky Expo

2014 Wisconsin Musky Expo

 Our Mission is to provide anglers with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve fishing success. We take great pride in creating a friendly and open atmosphere. In addition to having an extensive line of tackle both online and in-store, we carry a great variety of live bait that suits every angler's needs. Whether you are heading to the lake for muskies or just pan-fishing with a youngster, we've got you covered at Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle.