Musky Innovations | UV Reflex Mag Bull Dawg


The UV Reflex Magnum sized Bull Dawg takes advantage of UV light, which fish can see ten times further than natural light, and is naturally reflected by baitfish. Its long, rippling tail is a grand temptation that few fish can resist. A 100 % soft-plastic lure, this versatile bait is a good one to add to your collection.

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Musky Innovations UV Reflex Mag Bull Dawg

Fish can see the UV light that humans can’t. UV light penetrates water up to 10 times further than visible light, making this series fantastic for locating large predator fish.

The UV Reflex Mag Bull Dawg is weighed to sink at a 45 degree angle but will run horizontally on the retrieve. Crank it, jerk it, rip it, or jig it—just get it in the water.  One of the most popular soft plastic baits around.

Commonly searched as: UV Reflex Mag Bulldawg


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