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The Shallow Invader is one of the most innovative shallow crankbaits on the market today.  This “hybrid” lure combines a hard plastic crankbait head with a hand-poured, soft plastic action body and tail. This knockout combination creates incredible serpentine action that drives large gamefish crazy. The tail is replaceable. If it gets chewed up or you want to change colors, changing it is a snap. Pull the tail straight back until it pulls off the tail post. Push your new tail on the post until the rib on the back of the head is seated on the ridge in the tail. You can add some super glue for an even stronger hold.

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Musky Innovations Shallow Invader

Specifications: The Shallow Diver Invader is 9″  long and weighs about 2 oz. It has extra strong 3/0 wide gap hooks and is available in many different colors. The Shallow Invader runs 2-4 feet.

Use the Shallow Invader in all shallow crankbait or twitchbait situations. Cast or troll on shallow flats, rocky points, mid lake reefs, and over the tops of weedbeds.



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