Buck Perry | Spoonplug 250 Series (2.5″)


The 250 Series Spoonplug is 2.5″ long, weighs .5 ounces, and trolls at 6-9 feet. The 250 is ideal for bass, walleye, northern pike and musky, and should be trolled on 15-20 pound test line. Great for trolling lakes with 6 ft weedlines (often this includes “dirtier” lakes). Especially effective for catching walleyes in the Mississippi river, as most fish get caught on wing dams in 6-9 feet of water. This is one of the best shallow water trolling baits ever made for summer and fall fishing.

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Buck Perry’s Spoonplug

We are proud to offer Buck Perry’s Spoonplugs in a variety of sizes. The options we have available are as follows, from smallest (and most shallow trolling depth), to largest (and deepest trolling depth):

250 Series: 1/2 oz; 2.5”; trolling depth 6-9 ft
200 Series: 5/8 oz; 3.0”; trolling depth 9-12 ft
100 Series: 3/4 oz; 3.5”; trolling depth 12-15 ft
700 Series: 1 oz; 4.0”; trolling depth 15-20 ft
800 Series: 1.5oz; 5”; trolling depth 20-25 ft

Spoonplugs have a long history (over 50 years) of producing fish. Although there is an in-depth fishing methodology that revolves around spoonplugs, they still work like a regular crankbait, so there’s no need to avoid them if you don’t have time to read the incredibly informative “Spoonplugging – Your Guide to Lunker Catches” by Elwood “Buck” Perry.

The goal of spoonplugging is to get the angler to the point that they can fish any new water, always gaining more knowledge, and getting consistent results. Spoonplugging is applicable to most all game fish, including walleye, bass, pike, and musky.

There are many advantages to using spoonplugs, including their ability to maintain a specific depth regardless of trolling or retrieval speed. They come in a variety of sizes to allow anglers to strain the water depths, and also allow the angler to map bottom structure, breaks, and breaklines, in order to locate the water features that are holding fish. 

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