Hirsch’s Ghosttail VII | 700 Series


Tied by hand with a unique combination of hair and Flashabou, each Hirsch’s Ghosttail VII 700 Series bucktail is assembled with solid brass hardware, size 9 Magnum Indiana blades, two 3/0 round bend hooks and .051 stainless wire.

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Hirsch’s Ghosttail VII 700 Series

Hirsch’s Ghosttails has been a family-run business for over 30 years. The business started as an alternative to the limited selection of unique and quality bucktails on the market. Various color combinations are designed to look as fish-like as possible, while also being hand-tied and hand-assembled in the USA.

Also available through BlueRibbonBait.com: Hirsch’s Ghosttail VIII 800 Series (smaller in size than the 700 series).

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