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“For over 70 years the sportsmen in the United States and, increasingly, around the world have carried in their fishing vest or game pocket the handy annual edition of the SOLUNAR TABLES, the booklet that tells them the four times in 24 hours that fish and game will be most active.

Years ago, while there was still such as thing as legal market hunting, the men who made their living by shooting game and catching fish found that these odd-hour activity periods seemed to be in rhythm with the moon’s daily southings. They planned their work in accord with this schedule, calculated rather loosely, going afield when the moon was directly overhead or directly underfoot. “Moon Up – Moon Down” was the rule.

By taking this old schedule of “Moon Up – Moon Down” and applying modern science to it, we learned much of wildlife behavior. And in so doing we have learned to forecast, a year or more in advance, these odd-hour activity and feeding schedule, we have coined the word “Solunar”, a combination of “sol” and “lunar”. Thus, the odd-hour periods are called Solunar Periods.”

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