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Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle Pro Staff

We are incredibly proud to have the following individuals represent Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle as members of our 2017 Pro Staff:


Jake Nelson

Jake is a muskie, ruffed grouse, bear, and turkey hunting fanatic. He has been a guide for 17 years, has written outdoor articles, been on outdoor tv and radio shows and has loved every second of it.

Growing up in central Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin, Jake feels lucky to have experienced so many great things involving the outdoors. He has also fished in three different countries and hunted or fished in 20 different states.

Jake takes great pleasure in helping his clients succeed in their outdoor adventures. He has a vast knowledge of the various species in Wisconsin and loves to share that information with others.




Travis Hultgren

Assistant Manager, Buyer, and Pro Staff Member, Travis has been fishing muskies and other game fish in Minnesota and Wisconsin for more than twenty years. When asked how he feels about having Travis on-board with Blue Ribbon, Josh says, “Finding Travis was like finding a 55+" musky on your favorite lake or river!”

Travis sets the bar for staff members. His incredible enthusiasm, coupled with his farm-grown, friendly personality make him easy to talk to, and you’ll appreciate his natural ability to teach you how to become a better fisherman. He has placed in multiple tournaments and placed first in three, the latest being the 2011 George Wahl Memorial Musky Tournament. Travis also hand-ties and assembles some awesome lures as Owner and Manufacturer of Musky Mafia Tackle. Once you meet Travis, you will know why Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle is so happy to have him on our staff.

Chad Mitchell Peterson

Chad Mitchell-Peterson has been fishing for more than 30 years and is in pursuit of fish year-round. When not working, Chad is either punching holes in the ice, seeking great winter panfish and walleye action, or on the open water in pursuit of walleye, bass & musky.

Chad caught his first musky in 1988 and over the past decade has devoted his time primarily to chasing muskies from early spring through December. Chad has found great success in landing many big fish from across the country and attributes his success to paying attention to details, hard work, and the tools/baits available at Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle.

In recent years, Chad’s musky fishing has evolved to include competitive musky angling and with great success. Chad has placed in or around the top 10 in many of the tournaments he has fished, including the most recent honor in claiming the 2012 PMTT Top Gun Team of the Year 1st place Champion.

Joe Hennessey

Joe’s roots in fishing date way back to an Old Town Canoe and his dad teaching him and his brother to fish for bass and northerns on the Yellow River and various small lakes in Wisconsin. Those were the days that ignited his passion for fishing. Joe fished solely from the old canoe until his early 20s, and believes that being confined to these small puddles may be the link to his love for the small hidden muskie gems of Wisconsin. Eventually, his brother-in-law introduced him to muskie fishing, where his passion for fishing evolved into an obsession.

Joe’s other passion is story telling. He states that a picture can tell a thousand words, but why not relive those moments? He now films, edits, and produces muskie videos through his company Team Predator Nation, made up of himself and his 3 closest friends. Joe sees muskie fishing as more than just putting a fish in the net or how big it is. It’s the story and the details that make a fish a trophy.

You can mainly find Joe on metro lakes and if you can’t, he’s probably got his cameras rolling with his old man on some little lake you’ve never heard of, somewhere in his homeland, Wisconsin.

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Scott King

Scott enjoys fishing in northern Wisconsin, Mille Lacs, the St. Croix, and various other metro waters. He has fished for trophy bass (both largemouth and smallmouth) for the past decade, participating in several bass tournament circuits from 2001−2006. He’s also fished muskies for nearly 30 years.

Ice fishing four or five days a week for crappies and walleyes on the St. Croix has given Scott his winter fix since 1998.

Another of Scott’s specialties within fishing is youth education. He relates well with kids, and has helped with several kids tournaments and derbies with the Cub Scouts.

Scott also enjoys writing, and has a few fishing-related articles under his belt, which include publications in Fish and Game Finder Magazine and Muskie Hunter.

Matt Gunderman

It all started for Matt when he was 8 years old, dock hopping with a 6 ft muskie rod and a Jitter Bug in northern Wisconsin.

Matt's father introduced him to the outdoors at an early age and it has been a way of life for him ever since. His patience and persistence for muskie fishing was noticed by close family friends and they adopted him into the sport. That turned into exploring the midwest and chasing muskies through every river and into every lake.

Exploring new water and having success where other people are not willing to go is what he finds most enjoyable. For Matt, muskie fishing is more than a hobby---it is something he absolutely has to do, and is when he feels the most comfortable and happy.

Matt also enjoys making fishing videos so people can get a better understanding of why musky anglers are so passionate about this sport.

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The Griz (USCG Licensed Captain)

The Griz has been guiding for over 35 years on the St. Croix and Mississippi, and even most lakes in Minnesota. It doesn't matter what species you're after---Griz can help you catch it. He believes in giving you a fun, safe trip every time out.

Here are a few things you may not know about the Griz:
•Inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame in 2007.
•Inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 2008.
•Appears in the Saint Paul Science Museum.
•Mentioned in The Hunting & Fishing Library by Dick Sternberg.
•Was a regular guest on the Bear Facts & Fish Tales (KSTP 1500am) radio show for 15 yrs giving fishing reports.
•Has written many articles for the Outdoor News.
•Dick Sternberg & the Griz did research for Mississippi pool 2 and got it to change to catch and release only. This ensures that you, your children, and their children will be able to catch trophy walleyes year after year, and that the walleye population will not die off.