Musky Mayhem | Double Cowgirl


Musky Mayhem’s Double Cowgirl is sure to lure in the big muskies. The huge spinner blades create a tremendous vibration in the water. Flashabou skirting gives it color, lifelike action, and a large profile, making it the best baitfish-simulating inline spinner on the market today. Two 7/0 Mustad hooks give it an excellent hooking percentage.

Hooks: Two 7/0 Mustad
Length: 10″
Weight: 2.8 oz
Blades: Two #10 Magnum

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Musky Mayhem Double Cowgirl

Musky Mayhem Cowgirls and Showgirls are durable bucktails with great underwater vibration and life-like breathable action. The color combinations of the Flashabou skirts are determined based on hours of on-the-water testing. Whether the water you’re fishing is crystal clear or dark and murky, there is sure to be a cowgirl that will get the job done. 

Weight: 2.8 oz
Length: 10″
Hooks: Two 7/0 Mustad
Blades: 2 #10 Magnums

This impressive line of bucktails includes the JR Double Cowgirl, Double Cowgirl, Showgirl, and Super Model. Brad and Carrie Hoppe released their first products in 2005, built around Carrie’s idea to use Flashabou for the skirting, which gathers light under water and breathes well, easily catching the attention of big fish. Musky Mayhem has been going strong ever since.


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