Live Bait

We specialize in fresh bait and are proud to have the best connections to the best bait in Minnesota. As one of the top-selling bait stores in the metro area, our bait tanks are filled twice a week on average, allowing you (or more accurately, the fish you’re after!) to enjoy the freshest live bait available.


Bulk worms available
Half-Flat (250ct) Flat (500ct)
Baby Nightcrawlers
Angle Worms
Green Nightcrawlers

Wax Worms
2 Dozen 100ct 250ct
Euro Larva (In Winter)
Mousies (In Winter)


Crappie Minnows
Fathead Minnows
Sucker Minnows

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Musky suckers

Rainbows (when in season)

Leeches (Spring/Summer)

Small Leeches
Medium Leeches